Happy Earth Day 🌎


After a hiatus, we are looking forward to reviving this treasured event and holding the 25th Idyllwild Earth Fair in May of 2025! Long-time Earth Fair committee members look forward to working with a new generation of friends and neighbors to continue to embrace and grow the legacy of Earth Fair as our commitment to the health of our planet is crucial.

Welcome to the Idyllwild Earth Fair

A Celebration of Nature and Community

From 1990 to 2014, the charming town of Idyllwild was invigorated annually by the spirit of environmental stewardship, thanks to its beloved Earth Fair. Born from the collaborative efforts of dedicated local friends and neighbors, this event stood as a cornerstone of community-driven environmental awareness. Spanning a quarter of a century, the Fair evolved beyond a mere event; it became a movement passionately advocating for a lifestyle in harmony with nature.

The Idyllwild Earth Fair, also known as the initiative of the Idyllwild Environmental Group, blossomed from the principles established on Earth Day. It's a testament to the town's commitment to protecting the environment. Throughout the year, this spirited committee engaged in various activities. They penned advocacy letters addressing development and land use, spearheaded eco-themed events in the local schools, and arranged enlightening lectures by renowned scientists and environmentalists.

One of Earth Fair’s most cherished traditions in the Greenwood Award, an annual honor named after Karin and Richard Greenwood who spearheaded recycling in Idyllwild. The award honors an individual or organization for significant regional contributions to environmental conservation, education or stewardship. Honorees include the regional chapter of the Issac Walton League, Cahuilla educator and author Dr. Katherine Siva Saubel, and the Mountain Communities Fire Safe Council, and Riverside Counter Supervisor Kay Ceniceros.

The year's highlight was the Earth Fair, held each May at the Town Hall. This vibrant, day-long festival was a mosaic of educational exhibits, local and guest musicians, artists, craft-makers, and eco-friendly businesses. Attendees could savor delicious, healthy foods, participate in a letter-writing booth, and enjoy unique experiences like dancing, performance art, and the whimsical all-species costume parade. The traditional May Pole celebration was a highlight in its early years, symbolizing the community's connection with nature.

The May Pole at the first Earth Fair in 1990 

Photo credit: The Idyllwild Town Crier

For those of us who called this small mountain haven home, surrounded by the beauty of the wilderness and forests, the Earth Fair was more than an event – it was the heart and soul of our environmental connection.

Now, more than ever, our community's commitment to nature and the global environment is crucial. We, the original volunteers, call upon a new generation of environmentalists to embrace the legacy of the Earth Fair and understand its vital role in shaping life in Idyllwild. Let's carry forward these traditions through our actions and choices, united in a shared celebration of our love for the planet and our community. Together, we can continue to make a meaningful difference, honoring the spirit of the Earth Fair in everything we do.

Come back soon to  www.earthfair.com to watch it grow! Check out our long-time Facebook page. If you have questions or would like to be more involved in Earth Fair, email Holly at earthfair.holly at gmail.com